The Ca’ di Pietra range of semi sparkling and sparkling wines, ideal for daily convivial enjoyment, is named after Campodipietra, a small village of houses in the district of Salgareda, where the Vi.V.O. Agricola vineyards are situated.

The name “Campodipietra” literally means “land rich in stone” and legend has it that, while working to improve the soil and plant the vineyards, so many stones were removed that an entire house could be been built.

Still today, this land is characterised by a high level of minerality, the result of rocky debris brought by the Piave River on its way from the Carnic Alps to the Venetian Lagoon, and a colloidal soil structure that is able to keep a high quantity of the main nutrients for vines.

This particular type of soil composition- clay with calcareous concretions- is known as “caranto” (stone in English) and is famous for the production of very fine, particularly aromatic wines, also thanks to the skills and the ability of the technicians and oenologists in maintaining the land's overall fertility, with particular attention to oxygenation levels and the presence of bacterial flora.

Another distinctive feature of these vineyards is their specific geographic position: situated between the Dolomites, which seem to frame and shelter them from the bitter cold alpine currents, and the Venetian Lagoon, they have been witnessed the blooming of viticulture since the era of the Serenissima Venetian Republic.

he combination of a terroir that has always been devoted to producing quality wines and the latest agricultural techniques for cultivating and managing vines, brings “Ca’ di Pietra” to life: sparkling wines with an intense aroma and a fine persistent perlage, the greatest expression of the territory they originate from.